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Occupational Medicine Services Located in Fishkill, NY

Partnering with Employers and Businesses Focusing on Prevention

Owner and Operator Accounts Welcome! We partner with small and local businesses, as well as large corporations.

Our urgent care knows occupational health. We have a skilled team of providers and medical staff ready to meet the needs of your business or individual care. Our urgent care does complete care right. Your employees won’t site around in a waiting room for hours while on the clock. Our center ensures all necessary paperwork and documentation is filled out and provided as required. Choose Excel Urgent Care for your occupational health medicine!

Common Occupational Injuries and Illnesses:

• Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs): “repetitive motion injury.”
• Exposure to infection diseases
• Sprains, Strains and Tears
• Overexertion
• Bruises and Contusions
• Cuts, Lacerations and Punctures
• Fractures
• Back Pain
• Heat Burns and Scalds
• Occupational Asthma
• Hazardous chemical or material exposure

Occupational Care We Provide:

• Confidential medical exams
• Diagnosis and treatment of work-related medical conditions
• Screening for exposure to work-related hazards
• Disease prevention programs
• Hearing Conservation
• Occupational Pulmonary Diseases
• Occupational Infectious Diseases
• Assistance with Worker’s Compensation and other benefits.
• Industrial hygiene and ergonomic services.

DOT (Department of Transportation) & CDL Physicals:

• Check for DOT restrictions
• Driver Health History physical form completion.
• DOT Physical Exam performed by a qualified medical examiner.
• Completion of DOT physical forms and discussion of any health hazards found.
• Drug BAT Testing performed by Certified and trained urine collection specialist.


What to bring with you for your examination:

Photo ID
Eyeglasses (If vision requires a prescription)
Last MER Card
Specific information about any prescription medications you are using along with dosages.
Yearly clearance letter from Cardiologist or for other chronic conditions that may be required before clearance.


Keep the following in mind before your DOT physical visit:

To speed up your visit please, fill out the driver’s portion of the Medical Examination Report prior to your visit.
Insurance does not cover this exam – some employers may pay for this exam

In House Occupational Medicine Services:

We perform Corporate PE that can be customized to every individual needs or fulfill company’s requirements, including but not limited to pre-employment, return to duty, annual, bi-annual with and without PPD.

• Health and safety, ergonomic and environmental assessments.
• Health and safety education and training
• Fit-for-duty evaluation
• Return-to-work assessments
• Firefighter, Police & OSHA physicals
• Diagnosis & treatment of work-related injuries
• Pre & post employment placement testing (Includes medical history and physical exam)
• DOT & CDL physicals
• Workers compensation Injuries
• Vaccines & immunizations
• Drug screening & analysis
• Spirometry/Pulmonary
• Titers
• Full laboratory services
• Audiometry
• Eye exams
• EKG’s
• BAT (Breath Alcohol Test)
• COVID-19 testing

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